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Children account for less than 0.2% of Covid-19 deaths in the US, according to CDC data

Less than 0.2% of Covid-19 deaths in the United States have been among children, according to data from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

WSJ News Exclusive | Microsoft to Buy Activision Blizzard in All-Cash Deal Valued at $75 Billion

After the all-cash deal valued at about $75 billion closes, Activision CEO Bobby Kotick is expected to leave the videogame heavyweight that has been roiled by claims of workplace misconduct.

New Apple Products Filed in Regulatory Database, Likely Including New iPhone SE and iPad Air

Apple today filed unreleased iPhone and iPad models in the Eurasian Economic Commission database, as spotted by French blog Consomac. The filings...

iPhone most popular smartphone lineup in Q4 2021, but competition close

The holiday quarter usually sees the iPhone named the most popular smartphone lineup, but things were tighter than usual this time ...

Moon Knight’s English accent is its first villain

Moon Knight’s going to be a show about magic and mystery, but Oscar Isaac’s accent might be the most unbelievable thing about it.

Andrew Garfield Says He Even Lied to Emma Stone About ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ Return

Andrew Garfield revealed on this week’s episode of the “Happy Sad Confused” podcast that protecting his return as Peter Parker/Spider-Man for “Spider-Man: No Way Home”…

UAE vows retaliation for Houthi-claimed attack, but questions emerge over potential Iran role

In an area home to some of the world's largest oil producers and key shipping routes, the uptick in tensions is likely to keep crude markets on edge.

COVID-19 health emergency could be over this year, WHO says | AP News

GENEVA (AP) — The worst of the coronavirus pandemic — deaths, hospitalizations and lockdowns — could be over this year if huge inequities in vaccinations and medicines are addressed quickly, the head of emergencies at the World Health Organization said Tuesday.

WSJ News Exclusive | U.S. Aims Sanctions at Pro-Russian Agents as Blinken Plans Ukraine, Russia Meetings

The U.S. and its allies hope for a diplomatic breakthrough after four rounds of talks last week failed to narrow the gap between Moscow and Western nations.

Hong Kong to cull 2,000 hamsters after COVID-19 outbreak

Hong Kong warned people not to kiss pets and ordered a mass cull of hamsters on Tuesday, to the outrage of animal-lovers, after 11 of the rodents tested positive for COVID-19.

How to watch SpaceX launch 2,000th Starlink satellite Tuesday

Not all of the broadband spacecraft are still up there, but more of the latest version fly from Florida on Tuesday.

Airlines call for immediate intervention ahead of 5G rollout

Airline and cargo carrier CEOs are warning of massive disruptions if the 5G rollout goes forward around the nation’s airports. The aviation industry is concerned that 5G will disrupt critical cockpit systems, while cell phone companies insist there is no risk to planes. NBC’s Tom Costello reports for TODAY.

Possible sign of Mars life? Curiosity rover finds 'tantalizing' Red Planet organics

There are three possible explanations for the new find, and one involves ancient Mars microbes.

New York City’s mayor says ‘we are winning’ against Omicron, as experts urge caution.

The number of known cases is still much higher than last winter, and during the devastating first wave in the spring of 2020, testing was scarce, leaving many cases unreported.